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Our extensive VA home loan experience enables us to streamline the VA home loan process, making it smooth and easy for you. Once you begin, our VA Home Loan Specialist will be there with you every step of the way and will work with the VA on your behalf. With over ten years experience, West Coast Mortgage Group has developed an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality personalized service to our clients in California as well as Florida, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah and Washington.

A VA mortgage is ideal for our active and retired military veterans. These mortgages do not always require a down payment and offer highly competitive rates. Veterans Home Loans are made through private lenders and are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, so they do not require mortgage insurance. The VA loan remains one of the few mortgage options for borrowers who don’t have the money for a down payment. Available to millions of veterans and active military members, VA loans are somewhat easier to qualify for than conventional mortgages, if eligible.


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*Self Employed Borrower(s) may be required to provide additional documentation such as tax returns and financial statements. Notice: Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if the Borrower(B) or Co- Borrower(C) does not choose to have it considered for repaying this loan.

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