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Never in my wildest dreams could a home refinance go so quickly and smoothly. Tara Land who assisted in the refinance of my home was professional, explained all options in detail, and didn’t skip a beat. This was by far the easiest transaction and made the normal dreaded thoughts of buying a home or having to refinance not even appear. I would recommend West Coast Mortgage to everyone. They are honest and like I stated explained all options and process’s each step of the way. Thank you for everything!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

Michelle S.

We recently met Aisha Browe through a friend and quickly built a well-founded trust in everything she had to offer us. In short, we were looking to refinance our home to improve our rate. She was punctual, educated us beyond the questions we asked, was incredibly patient with our naive understanding of the refinance process and hustled to get us the best rate she could find (which we verified when we went back to get estimates from our original loan originator and a couple others). She’s more than our source for incredible loan rates, she’s now a friend. Thanks Aisha!

Chris K.

When my husband and I moved into our house in Sept of 2013, West Coast Mortgage Group was our lender. Paul made everything SO easy! Buying a house can be incredibly stressful and complicated, but Paul simplifies it all. He was so patient with the million and a half questions I asked and explained everything. I felt very comfortable with everything because I understood it all.

And did I mention that he makes sure he’s available for you?! I’ve called him on weekends, late at night, during the day, all hours (!!) — and every time I told him thank you and how much I appreciated him, he made sure that I knew that it was HIM that appreciated ME. I don’t encounter too many businesses these days that make sure you know that and feel that.

Fast forward to today. We just refinanced our house, and everything was so incredibly simple, yet again. No surprise there. I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy a house or refinance, just call them. Even if you already have started talking with another lender, just give Paul a call… if for nothing else, to get the rates they can give you vs the ones you’ve already been quoted. You will be blown away by their customer service and their great rates.

They’re accommodating. They will take care of you. Just call them. I am forever their customer and recommend them to ANYONE looking to buy or refinance their home!

Brittany P.

This is the place to get a loan. I would recommend Robert and his entire staff for being honest and truly professionally in all aspects of the loan process. I appreciated the support Teresa provided as well!! Robert explained everything I needed, what the different options I could take and gave a fair turnaround of time expectations. My loan went very smoothly from start to finish and we closed it in less than 30 days. My hat’s off! I would recommend WMTG to everyone.

Greg F.

So I knew I had to jump on the home ownership bus but didn’t know how or where to start. My income was perfect and wanted to take advantage of being a homeowner. I have read a lot related to home purchase but I knew there was a 50/50 chance it will be junk info. One rule I worked with was to present my must have terms and see what company could make those terms become a reality. The first mortgage loan officer I work with simply treated me as a number. So I walked into a credit union office to inquire about mortgage terms/rates for second opinion. The credit union mortgage specialist was straight forward and told me he couldn’t help me with my specific terms but referred me to someone who could: Brainna Waters at West Coast Mortgage Group. Brianna suggested a realtor agent and every thing else was a done deal. The realtor agent had her connections and team ready to address everything that needed to be done including even a handyman and a contractor who I can work with for maintenance and repair of the property. Brainna Waters at West Coast Mortgage Group kept her words and gave me everything I had on my cheat sheet on home purchase. I’m looking forward refer West Coast Mortgage to my friends and also come back for another home purchase in the near future. Thanks Brianna Waters for assembling the better group for home purchase !!!

Allaji E.

A few years back I had used the services of David Kessloff at West Coast Mortgage and had a wonderful experience that I thought of him when I wanted to consider my options for refinancing my home. To obtain comparisons, I obtained information from West Coast and another company. West Coast Mortgage offered the best interest rate and David Kessloff offered various options for me to consider for my refinance. He was professional, quick to respond to any questions I had, and provided me with any needed information. I’m happy to say that my refinance process was completed in a short period of time. I would definitely recommend David Kessloff and West Coast Mortgage for your home purchase or finance needs.

Stephanie A. Elk Grove, CA

Alex Martinez at West coast mortgage helped me and my family buy our first home. He made the process so fast and easy that we were able to be home owners in less the 3 months since we meet the first time. He is always willing to answer all question at any time or day. Thank you so much for your help and for making this process so easy and such great experience.

Luly T. Sacramento, CA

As a Realtor®, I work with many lenders and I can say by far West Coast Mortgage Group (Sacramento) has been one of the best I’ve worked with. Working with Alex Martinez was a great experience and I greatly valued his service. He is incredibly punctual, precise, and clear when speaking with clients. My client was very satisfied with Alex’s work and help in purchasing his first home. Alex answered all questions, remained on top of everything, and he even made us (Myself + Client) feel as if we were his only clients. He is very professional, has a great work ethic, attitude, and passion for his career.

I highly recommend Alex to anyone in need of real estate financing… in all honesty I recommend the entire WCTMG team for their professionalism and high level of service. I definitely look forward to completing more business with Alex Martinez and WCTMG.

Chris M. Anupam

I was directed to West Coast by the Seller of a property after my regular mortgage guy was having a hard time qualifying the property due to some unusual characteristics. I called West Coast Mortgage Group and Paul and David assured me that they’d be able to handle the scenario. And they did! David continually went above and beyond. He was always very easy to get ahold of by phone and email. Not only did he lock-in the lowest rate that I’ve ever heard of for an investment property (without buying down any points) but he also extended the lock free of charge for several extra days! And in the end they charged an origination fee much lower that what I usually encounter (I’m a real estate broker). I’m very pleased with the service provided by West Coast Mortgage Group and will definitely look to them in the future for purchases and refinances.

Justin R.

I have worked for West Coast Mortgage Group for 3 years and feel this is great environment to work in because we’re treated like a family instead of an employee number, title or rank. Leadership pushes us to strive for more and it makes working on challenging loans fun. Whenever anyone faces a difficult loan, the entire team comes together and chips in to make sure the transaction gets finished on time and that it is done well. The executives always have our backs and make sure we feel supported and encouraged.

Tara Land

Having a small business owner for a father, I knew that I didn’t want to work for a “big bank” or “corporate style” company. I found the perfect fit with West Coast Mortgage Group. Our owner/broker goes above and beyond to help his Team. Working for someone that you know genuinely cares about your success is something I will always appreciate. Starting from the bottom, with no mortgage industry experience — I have drawn knowledge from every single person on our team at one point or another. The “let’s figure it out together” attitude is across the board. I attribute that to Robert’s ability to lead by example along with strategic hiring.

Amanda Johnston

West Coast Mortgage Group is an innovative mortgage company that has a great team recipe including an environment that allows its loan officers to grow and develop. Their team of support staff are incredibly efficient and bring a wealth of knowledge that have directly lead to helping me succeed.

Francisco Macias

West Coast Mortgage Group has a broad reach in our industry. It keeps current with technology tools that help us thrive, allowing us to maintain our client’s expectations while generating new leads. Our management is young, hard-working, ethical and committed to our success as a company and as individuals. I am always inspired by the executives ability to problem solve and our team’s aptitude to find solutions. Leadership is constantly trying to come up with fresh marketing ideas, tools to assist in originating and we always stay a step ahead of changing regulations and training support. The familial comradery amongst management always demonstrating the highest level of professional etiquette has been a differentiating factor since day one. Management’s ability to demonstrate patience through tough deals or details is vital to my transactions closing smoothly.

Alex Martinez