Here Is Your Free Guide To Negotiating A Better Mortgage

Included below are 5 simple steps you can utilize to make sure you are getting the optimal mortgage. There is so much more to your mortgage than just your rate and we want you to be prepared to navigate multiple offers to find the ideal mortgage for your individual needs.

Mortgage Tips

Have you received multiple offers from different lenders?

No two loans are the same so you should always be seeking out at least 2 offers from different lenders. Closing costs, discount points, lender fees, etc, will vary from lender to lender. And while many of these costs will be competetive, by looking at multiple offers you will give yourself a chance to see which lender is truly offering you the lowest cost loan for your borrowing scenario.

The West Coast Mortgage Group

We are dedicated to helping our clients obtain the mortgage loan that is right for their current borrowing scenario. This is accomplished by asking each customer five simple questions to ascertain the details of their proposed mortgage and give us a chance to submit to them a better offer.