Michael Xavier
Michael XavierLoan Officer
Mortgages are complex and one of the largest investments an individual or couple will make. Michael has a great reputation for customer satisfaction…
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Michael Buccella
Michael BuccellaLoan Officer
Michael Buccella started his real estate career after a chance meeting with a loan officer from West Coast Mortgage Group at a social event in Sacramento.
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Alex Martinez
Alex MartinezLoan Officer
Alex Martinez has developed an in-depth understanding of the real estate market and enjoys finding new ways to connect his clients with great products.
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Suzzi Cachux
Suzzi CachuxLoan Officer
Suzzi Cachux has a wealth of experience in mortgage banking with a proven track record that includes 25-day closings, stellar 5 Star Yelp reviews…
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Rafael S. Arrieta
Rafael S. ArrietaLoan Officer
Rafael is one of our younger Spanish speaking employees. He has been part of the West Coast Mortgage Group since October 2019. He helps with our digital…
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Dave Kessloff
Dave KessloffLoan Officer
David Kessloff continues to be one of WCMTG Top Producers. His international background in teaching and account management has built…
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David Howie
David HowieLoan Officer
David J. Howie, MSFA is a native Californian with over 17 years of experience in the real estate industry. In 2005, David received his degree in Real Estate…
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Dewa Dutt
Dewa DuttLoan Officer
Dewa Dutt has a wealth of experience in mortgage banking with a proven track record that includes 25-day closings, stellar 5 Star Yelp reviews and a tenacity…
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Gail Perlow
Gail PerlowLoan Officer
Gail Perlow is a dynamic mortgage expert with over 22 years of experience providing leading-edge professional services to many types of home buyers…
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Karl Durham
Karl DurhamLoan Officer
Karl has nearly 5 years of experience in the Mortgage Loan business and has an excellent track record. He strives to work with his client’s mortgage…
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Ryan Herrick
Ryan HerrickLoan Officer
Ryan Herrick has been with West Coast Mortgage Group for several years…
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Kathleen Beck
Kathleen BeckLoan Officer
Kathleen has been in real estate in the Sacramento area since 1989. She joined Arrowhead Capital Mortgage as a loan officer in 1992 and joined…
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Melinda Napel
Melinda NapelLoan Officer
Melinda has an extensive background in lending, specializing in residential loans; purchases and refinances. “I love my career because I…
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Monique Munday
Monique MundayLoan Officer
After working in various fields from managing a business to being a small business owner and even as an instructional dancer, I knew there was something …
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Jen Lauer
Jen LauerLO / Processor
Jen Lauer is a processor for the West Coast Mortgage Group. She has been in the industry as a processor for many years. She is a valuable member of our team…
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Renee Janda
Renee JandaLoan Officer
Renee Janda has a great reputation for customer satisfaction and building relationships that last far beyond the original transaction.
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Ron Chaquica
Ron ChaquicaLoan Officer
I was born and raised in Sacramento and currently live in San Diego and I have resided here since 2002. My passion is my family that includes my wife…
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Scott Raber
Scott RaberLoan Officer
My goals are to continue to learn as much as possible from all the knowledgeable people we have here. One of my favorite parts of the job so far is…
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Nathan Lehmer
Nathan LehmerLoan Officer
Nathan Lehmer has been in the mortgage industry for over three years and has already helped hundreds of families get the best loan for their home. Before the…
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Bonnie Ferraiuolo
Bonnie FerraiuoloLoan Officer
As a wife and a mother of three (2 girls & 1 boy), I adore my family and believe that they have made me the person I am today. They are my biggest fans, as I am…
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Ben Lauer
Ben LauerLoan Officer
Ben was born and raised in Alaska and has been in the Sacramento/Roseville area since 1993. He started doing mortgage loans in 1995. He loves meeting…
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Aisha Browe
Aisha BroweLoan Officer
Aisha has been a loan officer for over twenty years and her client base comes…
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Matt P. Brozek
Matt P. BrozekLoan Officer
Matt Brozek is an experienced Loan Officer with roughly 20 years of experience…
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Russell Conness
Russell ConnessLoan Officer
Russell Conness is a loan officer in our San Diego Branch with several years of experience.
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Jacob Salas
Jacob SalasLoan Officer
Jacob Salas is a loan officer in our Broadway Branch.
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